Aligning sustainability objectives with Digital and IT strategies

Understand and explore the opportunities and impact between IT and digital services in relation to the environment.

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Course duration: 4 days, 9am – 5pm

An instructor-led classroom training relevant for professionals that highlights the key competencies and capabilities to effectively address current and future sustainability challenges in helping to practice sustainable IT.

As the environment in which we operate continues to evolve and present new challenges, organisations are considering the social and environmental impacts of their operations. With the IT space projected to be responsible for up to 20% of global energy consumption by 2030*, business leaders and professionals are proactively looking for ways to tackle this challenge. As part of the ITIL 4 Specialist extension module, a stream of the globally recognised and adopted ITIL 4 framework, this course has been developed to support IT professionals who are looking to understand the role IT and digitally-enabled services have in relation to the environment, whilst exploring opportunities to positively impact it by driving sustainable and ethical behaviour and mindset.

The course covers key sustainability competencies and capabilities that IT service organisations need to develop to address current and future sustainability challenges. It also involves providing a framework to support organisations during procurement and supply chain activities helping with interactions across the value chain to evolve sustainability practices

  • Key Concepts of Sustainability
    • Sustainable Development
    • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Digital/IT Services and Sustainability
  • What is the Vision
    • Defining sustainability vision
    • Role of sustainable goals
    • Sustainability Models, Issues and Concepts
    • Digital and Material Sustainability
  • Where Are We Now?
    • Materiality and Sustainability Assessment
    • Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Audits and Reports
  • Where Do We Want To Be?
    • Defining Sustainability Objectives
    • Selecting and Prioritizing
    Sustainability Objectives
    • Justifying Sustainability Objectives
  • How Do We Get There?
    • Strategies for Sustainability
    • Embedding Sustainability into the Service Value System
    • Planning Recommendations Take Action
    • Take Sustainable Action
    • Sustainability in a VUCA Environment
    • Ongoing Activities While Pursuing
    Sustainability Goals
  • Did We Get There?
    • Sustainability Measurement
    • Sustainability Reporting
    How Do Week The Momentum Going?
    • Continuous Orientation
    • Governance and Audit
    • Communication and Collaboration
    • Innovation
    • Staying Up To Date

On completion of this course, the following learning outcomes will be achieved:

  • Understand how to use the ITIL guiding principles to deliver value by creating sustainable digitally enabled products and services
  • Effectively address VUCA challenges through sustainable strategies, procurement, products and practices.
  • Obtain a practical grounding in the key principles of sustainability
  • Conduct a full cost benefit analysis identifying potential risks and opportunities using best practice guidance

The target audience for this course and qualification are:

  • Individuals looking to understand the role IT and digitally-enabled services in relation to the environment and exploring opportunities to positively
    impact it.
  • IT/Digital/Service Architects and Strategists Individuals continuing their journey in service management.
  • ITSM managers and aspiring ITSM managers.
  • ITSM practitioners managing the operation of IT-enabled & digital products and services, and those responsible for the end-to-end delivery.

Participants who successfully complete the course and pass the examination included in the course will be recognised as certified with ITIL®4 Specialist: Sustainability in Digital and IT under the AXELOS certification scheme. 


  • 40 Multiple Choice
  • 1 mark per correct answer
  • 23 marks required to pass (out of 35 available) – 65%
  • 60 minutes duration
  • Closed-book examination

There are no pre-requisites although ITIL4 Foundation certification certification is recommended

PeopleCert’s Continuous Professional Development Programme

All participants with PeopleCert Global Best Practise certification can renew (within 3 years of their original certification dates) and keep your certification current through PeopleCert Continuous Development Programme.

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Complimentary refresher

Participants can attend a complimentary refresher if they wish

Post-training support

Should you have questions after the course, you may contact the trainer for assistance regarding course material

Trainer profile

Huang Yi-Jen

Possessing an in-depth understanding of professional knowledge, various corporate cultures and personal charisma as her main strengths.

To achieve superior and sustainable results for the customers, she values being organized, open-minded, innovative and proactive when engaging in delivery.

She enjoys the challenges emerged from meeting business requirements and handling complex and diverse stakeholders in the client’s organization while focusing on true value.

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