Continuous upgrade of one’s knowledge and skill is key to success in today’s economy. We are here to help with the full range of accredited IT best practices and management courses in IT governance, Service management, Information security and Project management.


We are an independent consultancy company that listen and understand your challenges and needs. We work with you as a team in assessment, enabling the changes, alignment and implementing of industry best practices in IT management to optimize IT value in your company.

Business Simulation

Practice made perfect. Why stop at concepts? A fun and engaging way of learning that empowers you to apply knowledge, experiment with it, and truly experience the difference in our series of simulations.


Gaining recognition through formal accreditation with world-class certification bodies for our offerings so that you know you are in good hands.

Regional Presence

Sapience has extensive coverage of training and consultancy offering in the region. We are never too far for your needs.

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Who We Are

World Class Service Management Consulting and Education Services

Sapience Consulting Pte Ltd (Sapience) is a boutique consultancy and training firm headquartered in the Republic of Singapore but with presence throughout Asia. Since our establishment in 2008, we have assisted our clients across Asia in extracting the most value out of their existing IT investments in support of achieving business objectives.

Our mission at Sapience is to provide our clients with independent consulting and education services of the highest quality and to help IT organizations gain visibility and control over the quality and cost of providing IT services.

Sapience is proud to be at the forefront of the IT Service Management, Governance and Security Management movement here in the Asia-Pacific.

Our consultants have extensive experience in the IT industry, many of whom served as managers, directors, or senior executives in one or more enterprise IT organisations. We are practitioners first before being consultants and educators. Experience and practical know-how is our platform for success.

Sapience is a company that takes pride in winning business through open competition and superior quality services. We encourage comparison with our competition as we believe that choice is a healthy motivator for us and for our customers. We continue to strive to provide the highest quality consulting and education products that help the service management professional, and service provider organizations achieve service excellence.

Paramount in our approach is enabling and empowering fellow professionals to address their challenges in their own way, in their own time, and within their unique enterprise constrains.

With Sapience, you cannot be in better hands.

What We Value

Value our Clients
By exceeding their expectations and turning clients into references, our clients recognize that we hold their business in high-regard. We move heaven and earth to delight our clients.

Value our people
As a firm, we only recruit and retain high-performing individuals. Our team operates in a conducive and positive environment where people enjoy enhancing their skills and experiences. Life-long learning is an operating principle at Sapience.

Value quality services
Providing outstanding work and excellent services with deliverables that exceed expectations.

Value financial health
We enjoy helping our clients become more successful and we in turn enjoy the financial benefits of the collaboration with our clients. Our financial health positions us favourably to assist even more organizations.

Our Approach

Use Facts: Our approach is to drive fact-based initiatives that recognise the roles of people, process and technology in taking our clients on their performance improvement journey.

Leverage Diverse Experiences: We have been able to assemble the experience and expertise to resolve problems for clients that may have been complex and unconventional. However, we are recognised as having specialist skills in our core practices encompassing IT Service Management, Security Management and Project Management.

Apply Fundamentals: We apply the fundamentals of organisational design, easy to use technology, our experience, and our intellect to provide insightful and innovative outcomes that strike a balance between quantitative and qualitative results. We do not believe in an “out of the box” or silver bullet answers.

Be Hands-On: Sapience’s strength lies in our ability to be a ‘doer’ and a coach, not just a trusted advisor. We are proud to have delivered large programs of work with impressive results across many industries, including fast moving consumer goods, mining and resources, the industrials, national and state government agencies, telecommunications, utilities, pharmaceuticals, health services and many others.

Transfer and Build Knowledge: Sapience places emphasis on transferring knowledge and intellectual property to our clients so that the results are sustainable long after our engagement.

Practice Flexibility: With no fixed ideas about the way in which we engage with our clients, our track record demonstrates significant flexibility in achieving outcomes. We bring specialist skills to the table, provide necessary support and acted as a trusted advisor.

Be Trustworthy: Our clients are engaged in high impact, high value decision making, operate in highly competitive environments, and trust Sapience to provide advice that meets the demands of their.

Core Values

Our core values express our fundamental belief and the guiding principles that dictate and drive our actions. We are consistent in the face of challenges and underpins the work that we do to ensure your success.

We own it. We get it done. We get results.
We measure our success by our clients’ successes.

We believe in open and honest communication. Integrity is the bedrock of our actions.

We respect the individuals that make our team or that of our clients and embrace the diversity of race, gender, religion, culture and languages. We recognize diversity as a strength.

Continual learning and creativity provide a dynamic, goal-oriented work environment. We believe that leadership is a thing you do and not a position you are given.

Our best work is “team work” that leverages our versatile staff and diverse capabilities. In attaining superior results, we recognize the role work-life balance plays.

Career With Sapience

You know us. We want to know you. What are you seeking in your career?

Challenge – Whether you’re an accomplished professional or a promising new talent, you’ll be challenged by the work, the people on your team, and the clients we serve — from rocket-fuelled start-ups to the world’s leading organisations. You’ll be constantly learning, and your ideas will be welcomed in an atmosphere of collaboration and teamwork.

Mobility – Whether it’s geographical mobility, practice-area mobility — or upward mobility — we can deliver. With offices across Asia, and a deep practice organised around key industries and services, we can provide extensive opportunities to expose you to rich and diverse environments across different cultures. We are all about positive movement.

Professional growth – We continually encourage and support your growth. With world-class training and development programmes, as well as abundant ongoing professional learning opportunities, you will have all the room you need to grow and reach your highest potential.

Diversity and Inclusion – We are committed to the diversity of our people and to the career advancement of women

We are committed to the communities where we all live and work, to the diversity of our people and are proud to be a people focused organisation. At Sapience, it is not about work, it is about you.

If you share our standards, and our values, we want to know you. Take the first step and get in touch with us!

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