A step into the world of Artificial Intelligence

Give yourself the advantage and attain essentials of Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Learn from the terminology, principles and the different types of artificial intelligence to its challenges and risks and its future.

AI is already pervasive across many sectors. The vast majority of software and systems already incorporate elements of AI, in its broadest sense, specifically in regard to machine learning.APMG and BCS have developed the Essentials Certification in Artificial Intelligence, enabling individuals to embark their journey to understand AI and associated benefits and risks, including the insights to,
• Artificial intelligence as a piece of technology that can imitate and perform intelligent human behaviour, like problem-solving or recognition.
• How AI is relevant to any intellectual task, it has applications across every sector, including healthcare, automotive, finance, advertising, government and military.
• In financial services, for example, we can use AI to organise operations, invest in stocks, monitor behavioural patterns to reduce fraud and crime, and increase overall efficiency.
• Artificial Intelligence as a compelling area of computer science research and one which is becoming increasingly present in tech, society and the workplace.This course may be eligible for PMI’s PDUs.

  • Artificial and human intelligence – an introduction and history
    •  Exercise : Opportunities for an AI system
  • Examples of AI – benefits, challenges and risks
  • An introduction to Machine Learning
    •  Exercise : Maturity and funding of an AI system
  • The future of artificial intelligence – human and machine together
    •  Exercise : Re-imagining the future opportunities for AI and human systems
  • Examination practice and preparation

On completion of this course, you will gain a broad understanding of:

    • Terminology and general principles, including benefits and types of AI
    • Basic process of machine learning (ML)
    • Challenges and risks associated with an AI project
    • Future of AI and humans in work

The following roles would all benefit from learning AI:

  • Engineers
  • Scientists
  • Professional research managers
  • Chief technical officers
  • Chief information officers
  • Organisational change practitioners and managers
  • Business change practitioners and managers
  • Service architects and managers
  • Program and planning managers
  • Service provider portfolio strategists / leads
  • Process architects and managers
  • Business strategists and consultants
  • Web page developers

Participants of the course who successfully pass the certification examination will be awarded the Artificial Intelligence Essentials Certificate.

  • 20 multiple-choice questions
  • 30 minutes maximum
  • Closed-book
  • 13 marks (65%) required to pass

There are no prerequisites to attending the course.

Complimentary refresher

Participants can attend a complimentary refresher if they wish

Post-training support

Should you have questions after the course, you may contact the trainer for assistance regarding course material