Project Management

Successfully delivering projects – meaning that they are on time, on budget and achieving the intended objectives based on a defined scope – remains an ongoing challenge for many organisations.

Failure to successfully deliver projects can have dire consequences on the business. Loss of reputation, loss of revenue, financial penalties, decreasing margins, demotivated workforce….the list goes on. 

Why did the projects fail to deliver? An ineffective project management methodology that is divorced from business expectations? Execution errors? Competency or skillset gaps?

Sapience can help you overcome your difficulties through several avenues depending on the nature of the capability chasm that you are facing. Here’s how we help.

Project Management Methodology Design and Implementation

Evaluate your current state by understanding the size and complexity of projects , business value streams and current status of adoption. We design and work alongside our clients to deploy and embed the most effective project management methodology.

Project Management Maturity Assessment & Improvement

Utilizing PMI’s Organizational Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3), we start by understanding your organisation’s current maturity level and assess the right future level depending on organisation’s strategies, goals, scope and target capabilities. An improvement roadmap will ensue for execution.

Project Review and Recovery

Bring troubled projects back on track. We help validate against business cases and make supportable recommendations to stakeholders. If engaged, we execute project recovery actions to a successful conclusion.

Project Management Coaching

Developing people through projects, coaching can be organised as a one-time or regular sessions. Focussing on competency and skills, coaching raised the performance bar and enable delegates to make better project decisions and support new ways of working.