A portmanteau of “development” and “operations,” DevOps blends software developers and IT operations into a single team. DevOps  creates a work environment, culture and set of practices in which software developers and IT operations constantly communicate and collaborate in order to rapidly bring products and services to market. 

DevOps leans on multiple practices to achieve these inclusing IT Service Management, Lean and Agile. A key feature of DevOps practices is the extensive use of automation in delivering software faster, frequently and more reliably.


Assessment of DevOps Capabilities Service

A DevOps implementation is a journey that must be expertly navigated according to the context and objectives of the organisation. In navigating that journey, a roadmap is essential and a compass is necessary.


ADOC (Assessment of DevOps Capabilities) is such a compass. It assesses an organisation’s DevOps journey through the various “moving parts” that makes up a successful DevOps practice – human aspects, process and frameworks, functional composition, intelligent automation and technology ecosystem. Sapience is proud to be an approved ADOC Consultant with DevOps Institute. The assessment report helps to assess progress, identify critical gaps and becomes an indispensable tool to fine-tune a DevOps transformation roadmap.