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Course duration: 3 days, 9am – 5pm

An instructor-led classroom training for delegates with a strong foundation of the fundamental concepts and theories of Big Data. The curriculum of this course focuses on the six core modules of the Big Data Framework and discusses fundamental theories in statistics and machine learning. This certification is a prerequisite for all of the other Big Data Framework courses.

Information is Power. Enterprises that can make sense of data and information will be the big winners in this information economy. Every day, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data – so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone. Data growth, speed and complexity are being driven by the deployment of billions of intelligent sensors, devices and platforms that are transmitting data (popularly called the Internet of Things). The data generated is known as Big Data. Big Data is not just about storing and managing data but also about using it effectively, efficiently to transform the way business make decisions.

 The Enterprise Big Data Professional (EBDP) course is the only vendor-independent program that is dedicated to applying Big Data Best Practices towards enterprise organizations. The Enterprise Big Data course is the first level of the Big Data Framework course curriculum and certification program that is globally recognized. Big Data Framework is an independent organisation dedicated to upskilling individuals with expertise in Big Data.

 This course will provide delegates with a fundamental understanding of Big Data and related technologies. In this comprehensive program, delegates will learn how to adopt, adapt and apply the fundamental principles of Big Data in their own organization to realize business benefits. Practical examples embedded in the course will help participants gain a better understanding about how Big Data can be used in actual situations.

This course may be eligible for PMI’s PDUs.

  • Introduction to Big Data & Big Data characteristics
  • Data analysis, analytics, business intelligence and Big Data
  • Data products and Big Data solutions
  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • The structure of the Big Data Framework
  • Big Data Strategy & Big Data Architecture
  • The NIST Big Data Reference Architecture
  • Distributed data storage and processing
  • Hadoop open-source software framework
  • How Hadoop can be used in real life scenarios
  • Database technologies
  • Big Data Algorithms
  • Statistical Inference, Correlation and Regression
  • Classification, Clustering, Outlier Detection and Data Visualization
  • Big Data Processes
  • Data Analysis Process, Data governance process, Data management processes
  • Setting up a Big Data organization

Led by qualified trainers and facilitators, the course provide candidates with a strong foundation of the fundamental concepts and theories of big data technologies and tools, supporting them and their organization in leveraging the potential benefits, which include:

  • Discovery of new patterns and data relationships impacting the business
  • A greater understanding of customers to more precisely target products and services
  • Enhanced decision-making by collecting more exact and detailed information
  • Greater ability to accurately predict business outcomes and trends
  • Accelerate the identification and correction of operational problems
  • Improve the development of new and existing products and services

The target audience for this course and qualification are:

  • Individuals and organizations seeking proficiency in enterprise analytics, machine learning and big data.
  • Individuals seeking a working knowledge of the principles behind Big Data, terminologies and theories behind industry practices
  • Data Analysts
  • Business Analysts
  • IT Advisors
  • IT Professionals

Upon completion, participants will receive a course completion certificate.

Successfully passing (65%) the 90-minute closed-book examination consisting of 60 multiple-choice questions, leads to the Enterprise Big Data Professional certification. The certification is governed, administered and maintained by APMG International.


  • 60 Multiple Choice Questions
  • 1 mark per correct answer
  • 39 marks required to pass (out of 60 available) – 65%
  • 90 minutes duration
  • Closed-book

There are no certification pre-requisites for this course

Complimentary refresher

Participants can attend a complimentary refresher if they wish(1-year validity and subject to approval)

Post-training support

Should you have questions after the course, you may contact the trainer for assistance regarding course material

Trainer profile

Huang Yi-Jen

Possessing an in-depth understanding of professional knowledge, various corporate cultures and personal charisma as her main strengths.

To achieve superior and sustainable results for the customers, she values being organized, open-minded, innovative and proactive when engaging in delivery.

She enjoys the challenges emerged from meeting business requirements and handling complex and diverse stakeholders in the client’s organization while focusing on true value.

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