ITIL and DevOps: Competitors or Complementary?

ITIL and DevOps: Better Together Webinar

24 January 2024

Speakers: Roman Zhuravlev, ITIL Senior Architect, and Helen Beal, Head of the DevOps Ambassador Program

Uncover how ITIL and DevOps together can be harnessed to elevate business outcomes to unprecedented heights.

During this webinar, covered certain areas of interest:

  • A brief History of IT in business
  • Value stream mapping and management in DevOps and ITIL
  • VSM connects DevOps and ITSM

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ITIL® Foundation

ITIL® Specialist Create, Deliver and Support
ITIL® Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value
ITIL® Specialist High Velocity IT
ITIL® Strategist Direct Plan and Improve
ITIL® Leader Digital and IT Strategy

ITIL® Specialist Sustainability in Digital and IT
ITIL® Specialist Acquiring and Managing Cloud Services

ITIL®4 Specialist: Monitor, Support and Fulfil
ITIL®4 Specialist: Collaborate, Assure and Improve
ITIL®4 Specialist: Plan, Implement and Control
ITIL®4 Specialist: IT Asset Management
ITIL®4 Specialist: Business Relationship Management

Devops Foundation
DevOps Engineering Foundation
DevSecOps Foundation
Site Reliability Engineering Foundation