Business Simulation

Professional Business Simulations, or serious games, are interactive workshops in which teams of employees work on challenging issues within a simulated environment. Simulation is a form of experiential learning or “learning-by-doing”.

In a simulation, each participant will play a role and has specific tasks, responsibilities and authority set within the boundaries of the game environment. People from different departments, representing the complete end-to-end service delivery chain, can be brought together to participate in a game environment. The environment may be in a different context to the ‘normal’ working environment that the employees are exposed to. Within the game, participants must discuss and agree how they will work together as a team.

Simulations are played in a number of rounds so that participants can see, feel and experience improvements as the simulation progresses. It is the reflection moments between rounds when people learn and make improvement choices that will have an impact in the next round.

The simulations are facilitated by accredited facilitators who provide the team with support and instructions.