Learning Scrum
the Fun Way:

Brick by Brick
with LEGO®

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a picture of working professionals building LEGO bricks to form LEGO for SCRUMs miling happily

A lively bunch of eager learners assembled in a bright, welcoming training room, brimming with anticipation to uncover the secrets of Scrum training. The facilitator engaged them with a dynamic, eye-catching PowerPoint presentation, illustrating the significance of user stories and sprint planning. Despite their enthusiasm, the students craved a more interactive, hands-on approach. Tim suggested they try their hand at building paper aeroplanes or simulate a sprint to add some practical excitement to their learning experience. He was eager to witness Scrum in action and not just absorb theoretical knowledge and his suggestion was met with resounding agreement and enthusiasm from the group.

Imagine a classroom alive and buzzing with the excited conversations of enthusiastic learners. Colourful LEGO® blocks are scattered across tables, igniting curiosity and anticipation. The atmosphere is electric as participants gather around, their eyes shining with the promise of interactive learning.

Are you eager to discover a fresh and transformative approach to mastering Scrum? Well, brace yourself for the thrilling adventure that is Lego for Scrum! Say goodbye to dull training sessions and hello to an engaging, interactive experience that you’ll never forget. Intrigued? Let’s delve into the exciting world of Lego for Scrum and see how it can revolutionize your understanding of Scrum. Get ready to be amazed by the incredible benefits and possibilities!

Lego for Scrum – More Than Just Child’s Play

The Lego for Scrum method is an exceptional and engaging approach that utilises the beloved LEGO® building blocks to enhance learning. It’s not just about reliving fond childhood memories, although that’s certainly a bonus. By adopting interactive, hands-on activities, Lego for Scrum simplifies complex Agile and Scrum concepts, making learning both effective and enjoyable. We’re excited to offer this innovative and thoughtful approach to our clients and can’t wait to see the positive impact it has on their teams.

Building Your Way to Scrum Mastery

Picture this: instead of sitting idly and listening to a lecture, you and your team are actively constructing LEGO® models at various points during a sprint. By physically building products out of LEGO®, you will gain a deeper and more intuitive understanding of how Scrum operates.

Lego for Scrum is not simply a game; it is a platform that cultivates Scrum thinking. It exhorts participants to embrace a mindset of constant improvement, collaboration, and self-organisation. LEGO® bricks are extraordinary tools that ignite creativity, encourage teamwork, and enhance problem-solving skills. As you build a product using LEGO® bricks, you will experience the Agile mindset firsthand, which makes the learning process more fun and immersive.

This unique approach provides a refreshing change of pace from traditional teaching methods and can help you and your team retain information more effectively. So, why not try Lego for Scrum? Who knows, you may just be surprised at what you can accomplish.

a Lego person building a miniature staircase out of Lego bricks. Each step of the staircase is labeled with a different Scrum concept

Benefits Beyond the Build

Lego for Scrum is more than just fun – it’s a powerful tool for Scrum. Research shows that this interactive approach can greatly enhance learning outcomes.

  • Knowledge retention – Hands-on learning with Lego for Scrum is incredibly effective in cementing Agile and Scrum knowledge. By doing so, individuals retain information better.

  • Problem-solving skills – Working through challenges and building models together as a team hones your problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills – essential for navigating the complexities of product development.

  • Collaboration and teamwork – Lego for Scrum fosters collaboration and teamwork, resulting in enhanced communication.

  • Creativity and innovation – LEGO®s are amazing for creativity, problem-solving, and out-of-the-box thinking. They inspire innovative solutions and dynamic product development.

Take Your Scrum Training to the Next Level with Lego for Scrum

Are you ready to take your Scrum learning to the next level? Look no further than Lego for Scrum, the innovative and exciting way to master this methodology. By fusing the power of experiential learning with the imaginative world of LEGO®, this business simulation offers an interactive and enjoyable approach to Scrum education. You’ve probably heard the idiom “A picture says more than a thousand words”. Well, a good simulation says more than a thousand pictures!

Whether you’re a novice seeking to understand the fundamentals or a seasoned pro eager to refresh your knowledge, you’ll find the Lego for Scrum experience to be engaging, informative and memorable. So why wait? Unleash your creativity, collaborate with your team and embark on a fun-filled journey toward Scrum mastery!

Discover an enjoyable and impactful method to master Scrum with Sapience. Reach out to us now! With Sapience, you cannot be in better hands.

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