Differentiate Yourself with the CAPM® Certification

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If you are a new or aspiring project manager with less than three years of project experience, consider adding the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® certification to your portfolio. CAPM enables you to stand out from the rest and makes you more effective when working on projects or with project teams.

A certification by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®, the globally recognised CAPM certification shows that you have the foundational knowledge to handle different types of projects using various approaches such as waterfall project management and agile methods. Moreover, the CAPM revised on 25 July 2023 builds your fundamentals in business analysis.

Consider getting the CAPM Certification if you like to:

  • Start a career in project management
  • Differentiate yourself with a globally recognised certification
  • Chart your path towards the Project Management Professional (PMP)® since CAPM meets the education requirement for PMP.

CAPM tests your knowledge through:

  • Project management fundamentals
  • Role of project managers
  • Project environment
  • Predictive, agile and business analysis principles.

PMI-Designed CAPM Exam Prep Course

Look no further! If you like learning interactively through activities, the new PMI-designed CAPM Exam Prep course may excite you and get you motivated.

PMI has designed a new CAPM Exam Prep course, unlike many other courses that you have attended, using the concept of collaborative learning through problem solving. Learners learn from each other through interactive activities, in addition to learning from the instructor.

Using a real world project case study as the focus, the course aims to enable learners crystallise their learning through project scenarios. Learners are not passive observers in class. As you learn new knowledge in class, you break out in groups to work on the case study activities, validating your knowledge. The course concludes with groups working on the final more complex problems in the case study. By applying knowledge in problem solving, learners better understand the key concepts and processes of managing a project. Learners will also learn from each other’s knowledge and experiences in a case study setting.

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®

You might wonder what aspects of project management will be covered in the course? The case study supports learners’ journey starting from the definitions of project and project management to project environments and value delivery. Learners explore the waterfall and agile approaches and how planning, project work and delivery are done differently. As agile approaches are now adopted by many organisations globally, learners are given an overview of some common agile approaches. Learners learn how to monitor and control a project and how to manage issues and risks during a project lifecycle. The topic of project closure wraps up the project management part.

Recognising the importance of business analysis in project management, a new domain on business analysis frameworks is now part of the CAPM certification. Learners are taken through the fundamentals of business analysis frameworks and domains in the concluding part of the CAPM Exam Prep course.

Do check out the new CAPM Exam Prep course. Experience collaborative learning, have fun and prepare for the CAPM certification.


Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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