Panel- Assessment of DevOps Capabilities – TechStrongTV

8 April 2021

Feisal Ismail, principal at Sapience Consulting; Don White, DevOps consultant; and Niladri Choudhuri, CEO of Xellentro discuss the Assessment of DevOps Capabilities assessment tool from DOI.

The Assessment of DevOps Capabilities (ADOC) is a crowdsourced, vendor-neutral tool for individuals, teams, and organizations who want to benchmark their current DevOps state, identify the next target state, gain insights into how to improve their organization and team capabilities, and track and accelerate continuous improvement throughout their DevOps journey.

Culture is the most important ingredient necessary for any movement to take place.

Feisal Ismail

Introduction of the ITIL4 capstone certification course to the learning community

29 January 2021

Sapience Consulting will be the first accredited training organisation in Southeast Asia to be offering the course ITIL®️ 4 Leader: Digital and IT Strategy (DITS) to interested participants. To promote awareness of the course and our unique accreditation status for DITS in the region, we  hosted a webinar on 29th January 2021.

What was covered in the webinar:

  • Introduction of the ITIL4 capstone certification course to the learning community
  • Purpose, target audience, learning objectives and unique approach for DITS
  • Potential participants to sample DITS content
  • The scheme of ITIL 4

ITOps Is Dead! Long Live ITOps!

Scrum & Agile – Sapience Consulting

30 May 2020

On the surface, Agile and Scrum appear to be very similar, as both rely on an iterative process, regular client involvement, and collaborative decision-making.

In an exclusive interview by Network Training Center (NTC), listen from Sapience’s consultant, Mr Tan Hoon Wee on the differences between Scrum and Agile.

Scrum is essentially a chess game. You have to learn about the rules, players and movements which tell you how to run a project in an agile manner.

Hoon Wee Tan