Redshelf Frequently Asked Questions

As one of the earliest pioneers in the digital content space—and now one of the leading providers, named 2021 Publishing Software of the Year by EdTech Breakthrough—RedShelf helps thousands of colleges, publishers, and businesses transition effortlessly to more affordable and dynamic digital textbooks and learning content. In addition to digitizing publisher content and offering a vast catalog of more than a million digital titles, Redshelf offer an end-to-end software platform for efficiently distributing those materials.

Sapience is partnering with Redshelf to offer the digitalization and distribution of our training materials though Redshelf’s content distribution platform

A RedShelf Access Code is the code the you redeem on RedShelf’s website to access your materials. You can find your RedShelf Access Code on course information email

It is a 16-digit code with capital letters and numbers (alphanumeric). If your code isn’t alphanumeric, it may be a Publisher Access Code or a code for another vendor. Your access code will be provided to you by your trainer prior to the start of your training

How do I redeem my RedShelf Access Code?

1. Navigate to RedShelf’s website and log into your account. Create an account if you are new to RedShelf. Forgot your password? Reset your password.

2. Click on your name and select “My Shelf”. 

3. Copy and paste your RedShelf Access Code into the box at the top of the page where it says “Redeem Code,” then click the blue button on the right.

4. Voila! The purchase will appear below. 


5. To open a RedShelf eBook, click on the green Start Reading button to the right of the product description.

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