The New Tiger On The Mountain

Site Reliability Engineering

ITOps Reborn

Tuesday, 8th February | 3-4PM GMT+8


What you heard is true. Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is growing like wildfire.

  • SREs have seen 34% annual growth in demand for the past five years.
  • Open roles for SREs will triple in the coming year
  • More systems and solutions integrators and managed service providers entering the SRE market

During this webinar, we will cover certain areas of interest:

  • Why is there a new Tiger in the mountain?
  • The genesis of Site Reliability Engineering
  • Key features of SRE which includes discussions surrounding
    – Addressing The Four Letter Word of SRE
    – Concept of budgeting for errors
  • What does the future hold for SRE?

It will be an action-packed hour where technology professionals who are new to SRE and those who have some experience in SRE can gain fresh new insights and perhaps ideas for adopting or improving your SRE practices.

Hosted by:

Principal Consultant
Sapience Consulting

Feisal loves to talk (and listen). He also happens to be a DevOps Institute Ambassador!

As an accredited trainer for the entire suite of courses with DOI, he has trained countless technology professionals in the region in subjects ranging from DevOps foundational and advance courses, DevSecOps and Site Reliability Engineering in addition to Governance and IT Service Management. He is a firm believer in sharing knowledge and experience, both positive and negative.

Random fact: His favourite superhero is Batman.

An introductory video: