Students may apply for examination adjustments any time after matriculation. You are advised to do so well before the examination period to provide adequate time for necessary
arrangements to be made.

Request for alternative arrangements should be accompanied by supporting documentary evidence. Requests may also be considered nearer to the date of your examinations, where valid and urgent reasons are provided.

Examples of special examination provisions include:

• Extra time
• Use of computer
• Usage of special software
• Enlarged font papers
• Other seating arrangements
• Rest breaks

This list is for illustration and is not exhaustive. If you have requirements that are not covered here, contact us to find out how your specific request may be accommodated.

Application Process

1. Prepare and have with you, a copy of your diagnosis report and any accommodation letter from your previous institution.
2. Make a trip to your medical practitioner and register at the counter to see a doctor.
3. Inform the doctor of the reason of your visit (i.e. to request for special exam provisions).
4. Your request for accommodations will be assessed and verified and you will be notified of the provisions granted, via email.
5. Do note that certifying special arrangements are additional duties that physicians at your medical clinic undertake and may or may not (depending on the individual’s special requirements) be medical in nature.

If you have any questions pertaining to the process or would like to discuss possible arrangements prior to making the request, please get in touch with us at 67292976 or email us at