It’s always good to know what you don’t know. To know how well—or not so well—your IT and business departments are working together.And to know where you need to realign strategies to achieve greater efficiency, reduce costs and see more concrete results across your organization.Sapience Consulting Services can help you evaluate how your IT resources, processes and investments match up with your business objectives. Our modular Sapience Assessment approach, industry best practices, workshops and tools help you understand and manage all aspects of IT to more effectively align with your overall business strategy.You also gain the ability to:

  • Measure the business value of IT investments
  • Create a specific, executable plan—quickly
  • Improve IT service delivery quality, speed and reliability
  • Increase customer or stakeholder satisfaction

Our complete suite of consulting services covers the three core areas of focus for IT organisations today and includes the following services

  • Strategy and Alignment
  • Cost Containment
  • Change Enablement
  • Performance Improvement
  • Compliance
  • Business Resilience

With our Sapience Wheel methodology, you can be assured of a comprehensive and methodical approach.

The Sapience Methodology

Our Consulting Methodology, the Sapience Wheel is a coherent, systematic yet pragmatic approach towards arriving to a solution for you, our clients. It is delivered with some guiding principles. We do not:

  • subscribe to unnecessary complexity of approach or design
  • subscribe to a one-size-fits-all mentality
  • subscribe to an overbearing engagement

We believe in:

Simplicity. Of engagement, design and approach. The most complex thing to do is to keep things simple.

Customization. Every person, department and organization is unique in it’s priorities and challenges. We treat it as such.

Collaboration. You seek expert consultation for YOUR enterprise. We never forget that.



The Sapience Wheel consulting methodology is as elegant as it is effective – consisting of an iterative loop of three basic stages represented in the diagram below.

“Make it right”

We seek to understand both the mechanics of the workflow and the underlying philosophy and rationale behind why our clients choose to operate in the way that they do. We make no assumptions in understanding your organization. Elicitation becomes the backbone of conceptualization. Our consulting methodology and approach will synthesize the best of what’s right in our client’s organization and the best of what we believe is right for our client’s organization. We conceptualize the best solution possible.

“Make it work”

The best solutions demand excellence of execution for it to be truly realized. Pragmatism is our mantra and we embrace the vagaries of the business world and the constraints and challenges posed in implementing our solution. An established project management methodology will be used. Critical paths will be identified and address. Risks will be assessed and mitigated. No areas, be it the various stakeholders, organizational culture, existing toolsets, processes or business relationships will escape our consideration.

“Make it better”

Optimization is looking at making the best solutions better. We conceptualize and incorporate a set of “vital signs” for our solutions, realize it and exploit the information it presents. In our world, perfection is a journey and not a destination. We are ever-ready for this journey with our clients.