The (CDMSS) certification in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) will give you an in-depth understanding of how to plan and execute effective search campaign planning, creation and measurement. Transform your career as a leading search specialists by learning how to create, manage and implement advanced search marketing strategies using AdWords, Paid Per Click (PPC) marketing, display marketing & remarketing techniques.

Course Duration: 4 Days


Certification & Exam Info

Transform your career and significantly increase lead generation with the SEO training through our Professional Diploma in Search Marketing. As an accredited search marketing specialist, you will have mastery over and have the expertise to create, manage and implement advanced search marketing strategies using Google AdWords, PPC, display and remarketing techniques. You’ll understand the significance of key campaign metrics, perform analysis and optimization of campaigns to increase conversions, and generate actionable insightful reports to meet the requirements of key stakeholders in your search marketing campaigns.

The program is designed in collaboration digital industry experts (Global Industry Advisory Council) to design and develop standards that define the digital skills and capabilities required of today’s professionals. The program deliver best current practice, theory and applied skills in digital, and are recognized and respected across all industry sectors.

Gaining a certification as a Certified Digital Marketing Search Professional, will ensure you have the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel as a digital search professional. Through a series of comprehensive, structured modules you will know how to integrate key digital tactics and practices into your search techniques and measure and iterate the success of your digital search strategy.

  • Introduction to Search Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization Setup
  • SEO Content
  • SEO Workshop
  • Paid Search
  • Display Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Analytics Setup
  • Applied Analytics
  • Strategy & Planning.
  • Learn how the core search elements, including SEO, PPC advertising, and analytics, work together to drive targeted, high-converting traffic
  • Understand the importance of content relevance and the technical aspects of on-page optimization that will enhance search traffic, and develop broader engagement levels across different digital marketing channels
  • Learn how to set your business, website and SEO objectives and become aware of the free and paid keyword research SEO tools
  • Explore the opportunities for  PPC, Display and Video Advertising platforms and investigate the opportunities for advertising provided through these channels
  • Understand how to apply basic and advanced analytics to measure, monitor and optimize your digital marketing campaigns for success.

This course is catered for marketing managers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, IT managers, marketing executives who need to understand  the significance of key search marketing campaign metrics, perform analysis and optimization of campaigns to increase conversions, and generate insightful and actionable reports for stakeholders or anyone looking to pursue a career in digital search marketing.

Certification & Exam Info

The format of the examination is:

  • 200 Multiple Choice Questions
  • Duration of 180 minutes
  • >60% required to pass
  • Closed book examination
  • Questions format consist of Image Based, Multiple Choice and Hot Spot questions.

A background in a related discipline is not required; the aim of the Certified Digital Marketing Search Professional course is to enable you to learn everything you need to know at a foundation level. You may be a business owner looking to take your online marketing to the next level or you may be someone looking for a change of career. The only prerequisite is that you have an interest in a SEO/Paid Per Click marketing career.

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