Examinations Policy

As a accredited training organization for the various certification training offerings provided for by Sapience Consulting, we are committed to upholding the sanctity and integrity of the examinations we conduct. This page will list down the terms and conditions that candidates will need to comply with when sitting for an examination administered by Sapience.

Terminology Used

For the purpose of clarity with regards to the different roles played by the different organizations, the different terminologies used to refer to training related entities are described below

  • Copyright Holder -Holders of Intellectual Properties like ITIL which is owned by the Cabinet Office
  • Accreditor – The APM Group Limited as the Official Accreditor are authorized to assess and licence Examination Institutes (EIs) to administer ITIL qualification and accreditation activities.
  • Examination Institute (EI) – Professional qualifications based on ITIL are offered by Examination Institutes. An Examination Institute (EI) is an organisation accredited by the APM Group and permitted to operate an ITIL examination scheme through a network of Accredited Training Organisations, and Accredited Trainers with Accredited materials.
  • Accredited Training Organization (ATO) – Only ATOs and their authorised affiliates have licences to offer training courses that incorporate official Cabinet Office trademarks, brands and copyright material. These ATOs have been fully accredited by an approved Examination Institute. The accreditation process involves a rigorous assessment of the organisation’s management systems, course materials and trainers, assuring the quality of training provided.
  • Accredited Training Affliate (ATA) – Affliated through a ATO and is allowed to make use of the registered IP to market and sell the course offerings

Accredited Trainers

To ensure a quality learning experience for our delegates, Sapience endeavors to make use of accredited trainers where applicable.

Accredited trainers must meet the minimum trainer criteria set by the respective Qualification Boards, together with additional requirements set by their EI. Accredited Trainers are also subject to full assessment and regular surveillance.

Trainer accreditation includes, but is not limited to, training experience, experience in the IT service management field, and specific education / certificate requirements depending on the level of qualification that will be delivered.

Examination Venue

At Sapience, we endeavor to ensure a comfortable environment for our candidates to complete their certifications examinations, allowing candidates to focus their mind and concentration on what matters most. Our selection of suitable examination venues will adhere to the following guidelines where possible

  • Ample seating arrangements with distance between candidates at a minimum of 1 metres
  • Comfortable seating and writing facilities with adequate stationary provided
  • Quiet Environment with minimal ambient, environmental and equipment noise
  • Adequate Lighting conditions
  • Appropriate environmental conditions like temperature and humidity
  • Accessibility facilities for candidates with special needs.

Disabilities and Special Requests

Any candidate with any form of disabilities and who is unable to write his/her examinations at our approved examination location and/or require any form of special arrangements to be made, must inform Sapience Consulting at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the training session.

Address your request to:
The Operations Manager
Examinations, Sapience Consulting
9 Temasek Boulevard #19-05 Suntec Tower 2, Singapore 038989

Email: operations@sapience-consulting.com

Examination results

The examination results will be released as follows:

For Self Funded Candidates
  • Online Examination Institute Examination System direct to candidates where applicable
  • Hardcopy Certificates will be mailed to candidates upon receipt
For Company Funded Candidates
  • Online Examination Institute Examination System direct to candidates where applicable
  • Consolidated Results to Company HR if requested
  • Hardcopy Certificates will be mailed to candidates/Company HR upon receipt

Please note that examination results are not available via telephone.

Examination Results Appeal Process

As Sapience Consulting only administers the examinations and marking of scripts performed by the respective examination institutes, examination results appeals will be handled as per the Appeals policy of each corresponding examination institutes.