You are in a troubled project. Does it feel like you are going down with the ship, salvaging efforts don't seem to turn things around?

HELP is here. We can help you realise the potential for progress and get your project back on track.

Key Benefits
What is Included

Your challenges are not permanent. You may have tried various ways to save the troubled project. You feel very lost now as the troubled project continues to deviate past the acceptable tolerances.

We provide project recovery services to take troubled projects back on track. First, we seek to understand the problems at hand. We then present our assessment and recommendations to the leadership team. Should we move forward with recovery, we will drive the project recovery.

Key Benefits

You expect to see the troubled project back on track. Other benefits include:

  • Troubled project validated against business case whether desirable, viable and achievable still
  • Assessment and recommendations presented to decision makers
  • Project recovery agreed by stakeholders
  • Project recovery delivered.
What is Included

What we can do for you:

  • Initiation – Interview key stakeholders and understand the project environment, business case, 5W1Hs, etc.
  • Assessment – Deep dive to identify problems at hand, depth and breadth varies
  • Recommendations – Present assessment, discuss decision to stop or recover project and propose recovery plan
  • Project recovery
  • Training – Train stakeholders in different project management competencies.