Are you planning to implement a project management methodology for your organisation? Should you choose waterfall, agile or hybrid?

Or your organisation has a project management methodology. Many projects do not adhere to the methodology. Projects that follow the methodology seem to struggle in delivering business value.

HELP is here. We can help you find the right methodology and put it into practice.

Key Benefits
What is Included

We believe in methodology-agnostic. There is no need to oust any current methodology that works. We evaluate your current state by understanding the size and complexity of projects and business value streams. We look at your current processes and adoption.

Be it waterfall, agile or hybrid, the methodology must meet your organisation needs and bring value to business. We work alongside you to deploy the methodology.

Key Benefits

You have a project management methodology in effect with the right level of processes. Other benefits include:

  • Organisation needs assessed
  • Buy-in from key stakeholders on methodology.
What is Included

What we can do for you:

  • Initiation – Interview key stakeholders and understand the project environment, project portfolio, current methodology (if any), adoption rate, etc.
  • Assessment – Deep dive to evaluate current processes, challenges, business needs and value
  • Recommendations – Present assessment and propose methodology
  • Methodology development or fine-tuning
  • Methodology deployment – Put methodology into practice
  • Training – Train stakeholders in methodology.