Why hire a Project Manager Coach for your company?

You are an experienced project manager. You want to manage projects more effectively but you do not know where to start.

You are quite new to project management. You want to apply your project management knowledge but struggle to find a structured method.

HELP is here. We coach you and project managers in project management methods and best practices to improve effectiveness.

Key Benefits
What is Included

We focus on your competency and skills. A coach enhances your project management ability, raises the bar and hold you accountable for your performance.

Our Project Manager Coach takes you through a learning journey to empower yourself for better decision-making, alternative ideas and objectives. We support you through new ways of working, determine what work and what don't.

Our coach's job is to develop your people through projects. Coaching can be organised as one-time assignments or regular sessions.

Key Benefits

Your Project Managers can perform more effectively based on agreed outcomes. Other benefits include:

a. Specific skills acquired
b. Better stakeholder management
c. Enhanced skills in communications, conflict management, negotiation and facilitation.

What is Included

What we can do for you:

  • Coaching scope and objectives – We start by understanding your needs and agree on a coaching scope and the objectives. We determine the coaching format that works for you
  • Coaching assignments/sessions – This is where we go on a learning journey together.